All Done Tumblin

Been a little quieter lately, and I finished another quilt top, this one was Bonnie Hunter's leader and ender challenge last year, the tumblers project. It worked out to be a sofa size or nap size or picnic size, or keep it on the backseat of the car size, which is fine with me.

I did most of it in true leader and ender fashion, so it pleases me to see that I really did get a lot of piecing done in the past twelve months. I didn't overthink it either, just two piles of light and dark tumblers, with three darks on each end. I tried my best to shrug it off when two of the same tumblers ended up adjacent from row to row.  You can also see a few spots where my darks and lights were too close to the middle of the value range, I think it just makes it more interesting.

I will save the pinning and machine quilting for cooler weather, because all the pressing that needs to be done first is just not something I want to do in an -un-airconditioned quiltorium!

How about you? Did you do the tumbler challenge? Are you doing the hourglass challenge this year? I cut some out, and may use them for small projects like placemats, or borders for applique/embroidery projects.