It's been a while

My pageview stats have trickled off to nothing, but in case anyone is wondering where I've been, my mom has been pretty sick. Hospitalized twice between May and July, but released the second time with a doctor telling me that there is little more they can provide for her medically. So she is at home, with excellent caregivers around the clock, and support from hospice. It's a difficult trip for me with all the local bridge and road construction here in the NY metro area. She declines a bit and plateaus, then declines a bit more and plateaus again. Right now, we are on a plateau, so I am only going there once a week, but it wipes me out.  I did get a little quilting done this week though.

My mother exists in two worlds at present, talking both to us and those loved ones who have passed on to the next world. Some days she lets go of her interest in what's going on here, and then the next day she is more fully engaged. She dances between the worlds of the living and the dead, I feel like I bounce between the land of the living and the land of the dying. Each trip leaves me exhausted, it's mostly a mental and emotional exhaustion, but I am growing more accustomed to the back and forth, and even managed to spend time in the quiltorium  recently. 

I was sure I had only twelve blocks left to make, and went to lay it out only to find I needed to make eight more blocks. I have the strip sets pieced and ready to slice, open and repiece, but I noticed one strip set has a 1 3/4 in. strip instead of a 2 in. strip so there is a little frogging to do.

Scrappy Trips Around the World,  an old pattern, but a great one for using up old fabric. I am calling it Chopped Liver, since it contains several old FQs that were the color of uncooked liver.  My recipe makes the yucky fabric work by mixing it with bright red, orange, yellow, blue or green, and a dash of black.

Piecing, because it's cheaper than therapy, and healthier than alcohol, for times like these!