Merry Scrappy Hexie Christmas!

Finally done, with a month to spare before Advent begins!

And this is coming close to the finish line! Just the borders left to quilt. I opted for even feed foot and straight line quilting because my shoulders were hurting after a few hours of shovelling acorns (a bumper crop on the side lawn this year) and leaves. Also, I thought free motion might overpower the design as these are four inch blocks.

Other than that, the hook is moving, making stuff for Bella's Babies winter drive. A premie blanket in simple corner to corner double crochet.It's always a good feeling when you start the decrease rows on one of these!


Summer said…
It is gorgeous! Congrats on the finish ♥
Ariane said…
Your hexie quilt is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the other finished quilt. It looks great so far.
joanne w said…
Thanks for the kind comments, Summer and Ariane. Life is more than a little crazy right now and I feel like both my quilting and my blog are on life support. But the little bit I manage to get done is actually my life support!