Ever onward

I am going to make the En Provence mystery as a wallhanging. So, I made slightly more than half of the clue one four patches.

My guilty confession: I never spun my seams before doing this clue. So glad I picked up this new skill along the way! And my accuracy is improving. I only took a few threadwidths off of most of my 133 blocks when I checked them and squared up. So now they are stacked away and ready for clue 2.

I also used this clue as an opportunity to replenish neutrals in my scrapsaver bins, except for the 1.5" bin, which is overflowing right now.

Trying to wrap up my last blanket for Bella's Babies this week. I am almost to the decreases, then will have to do a shell stitch edging.

It is amazing how many of us (over on the open studio at facebook) are saying that just stitching anything can help in times of stress and sorrow.  Last week, even though life is a little calmer, I felt my stress level rising almost to panic attack level at times, and that's scary. I've been plagued by a twitch in my lower eyelid, heart was pounding, short of breath.  Maybe cut back on caffeine? Couldn't decide which of these would help, so I bought both and double bagged it instead of a second cup o joe yesterday morning.

Felt better. However, one of them contains catnip, so Clyde tried to devour the tea bag wrapper. I decided I will only use these in my office with the electric kettle. I don't know what the whole herbal blend would do to him if he ever got hold of a used teabag! Clyde is a honey, he also contributes to the calming effort.

So steady on.  Stitch for sanity, stitch for stress reduction. Just keep stitching!