84 four patches heading for france

Ha ha.Yes, I'm talking about Clue 3. I continue to make 50% - ish of each clue. Today I finished piecing the 4-patches. Have to clean trim about 30 of them. I do that best in the morning light. Also my shoulder is hurting, I think I have frozen shoulder, which gave me eight months of misery on the other arm a few years back.

That old Kai cutter is still my favorite rotary cutter. Had it about 30 years.  As usual, I went far out of bounds on the color suggestion, and I am ok with that. Flowers are sometimes faded and struggling.

Yesterday, we were out in the pre dawn, and saw some lavender in the sky. It was a beautiful cold  morning, and the frost was definitely on the ivy and in the meadow. Beauty everywhere,  a good walk.