Clue 4 is in the bag

Time to link up Clue 4.  I cut with accuquilt this time due to a semi frozen right shoulder. Had to use a scant seam allowance. Didn't have to trim much. I am storing the slivers of trim in a plastic ornament for a memento. Can't wait to get some yellow and green in there as well.I wish I had more of the purple I used for my blah blah bag, which holds my headphones and phone charger. You can see it in the picture.  I also made a strip with the leftover ends of my strip sets, and will use this to make a case for my new kindle fire. I bought one of the $39 Fires and am very impressed with it. Video is good. Sound is mono, but my hearing is not great, so it's fine for me.

Lots of time in the quiltorium this weekend. My last bin of scrap strips needed to be tidied.

I got one bin of neutrals, and all other colorways are bagged.

Decided to grapple with this stalled project on the design wall.

Did not like the dark green. Took those blocks out and am subbing in this:

Threw these lugubrious greens into a single piece, will use it for machine quilting practice, if nothing else. Although I may whack it a la Jenny Doan and repiece it so the green hunks are not so wide. They really overpower the small squares.


englishquilter said…
You are having a great time experimenting by the look of it!
Moira said…
I like the changes you made in the one with the gold squares!
joanne w said…
Yes, Englishquilter, the experimenting is fun!

Moira, I don't have your design skills. But I learned a bit about scale from making this, so it was time well spent. I should have more alternate blocks for the piece with the gold squares on the design wall tomorrow, and will take a picture. Also two blocks to sit in the orphan block box, from when I hacked and reassembled the green thing.

knitnkwilt said…
Sewing, cutting, sewing again--twice the fun.