Slow Start on Clue 5

I am off to a slow start on Clue 5. I feel a sore throat brewing on this gray damp Boxing Day. Spent a quiet Christmas afternoon, just me and Mom. After a few weeks of a really strong rally, she is not doing too well again. I hope she can pull through for her 92nd birthday next week.

I cut my 32 pairs slowly, using just about each fabric twice, and scrambling the pairs so no two HSTs will be the same.

Tomorrow promises rain, so I won't walk in the morning, and will probably finish this clue tomorrow. I think the rest of the afternoon will be for reading or knitting and staying warm.  Don't you hate these days where it feels chilly even in a warm house?


I took a rest yesterday afternoon. A quilt and a Clyde kept the chills at bay.

I finished sewing my clues, and trimmed them up this morning. Now that I see this picture on my monitor, it's a bit blurry, although it looked fine on my phone.

A rainy morning here, and I am hoping to tackle a rather substantial to-do list. And a little quilting.