We have a winner!

These alternate blocks are working well for me.  I will press and trim these blocks, then assemble these rows, and if it's not too painful, I may make something bigger.

I am happy with this because it's bright even though there are a lot of old mongrel fabrics in those 1" squares. There is no other way to use up these uglies. Mix in some bright squares and they hide in plain sight.

I enjoyed the process of getting to this point. I had set myself a goal of not using the same alternate blocks as the designer (Bonnie Hunter). I thought about what makes a good alternate block, and for me, it has to create a secondary design that makes it difficult to tell where each block ends.  This layout will have the lovely diagonal one patches and the yellow squares are separated by 16-patches. It blurs the boundaries of the original block, and it gets me away from solid sashings, which I don't enjoy doing at this stage. 

P.S. I hate the way my android phone uploads photos to blogger. It always makes them huge. I guess I better hunt for a way to change the defaults.    

P.P.S The blocks on the right appear wobbly because they are not lying flat on the flannel design wall.