Winter Approaches

The season is tipping toward winter here. Two solid days of  this week. Drizzly, gray, chilly days.  But I loved those days. Staying in!  Working on my writing!  Quilting!  Crocheting!  Embroidery! It was all good times here.

I am trying to finish up a stalled project, called the Winter Sampler from Crabapple Hill. Embroidery is almost done, but it has sixteen blocks that frame it out into a wall hanging. I purchased it a few years ago as a kit from my LQS. I've got half the blocks done, and the fiddly piecing on the other star blocks in progress. The embroidery needs a few more hours of my time, so it's converging toward the finish line.

And when this is done, I also have another pattern that celebrates stitching the winter away

Just have to remember where I put the pattern........