The day started out well. Deer trotting through the yard, always a welcome sight.  A bit of a mystery when we discovered one of our electrical circuits had tripped for no apparent reason. More on that later.....Went for a walk before the snow started. It was chilly so I headed home before the halfway point on our usual route.

Went home and turned on the foyer light, and it made a popping sound. I then smelled that funny electrical melty smell.  I put my boots back on, grabbed my keys, and hopped in the car to intercept my husband, hoping I could figure out where he would pop out onto the road from the trail. We raced home and he took the fixture out and noticed a burned out socket. Whew! No traces of a fire in the wires. Could have been a lot worse. Funny thing is, we have replaced most of the ceiling fixtures with new LED ones. It was only a few days ago that I remarked, "We should really replace that ugly light by the front door."

Anyway, after that, my goal for the day was to finish the final En Provence clue (yellow hourglass blocks).

and make all the additional blocks I had calculated that I needed for the other clues. I almost made it, but my somewhat frozen right shoulder has decided it does not want to rotary cut anymore today. I hope I can finish tomorrow. I just have the extra light four patches left to make and square up.

Everything else is all ready to go into assembly mode next week.


Louise said…
I'm glad your electrical problem was easily solved! Those things can really cause problems. Last night we heard a "snap!" after I turned on one too many things on the boat (might have been the iron in the quilt room) and then the power pedestal we were plugged into was done done done. With temperatures dropping down into the 20s, I sure wanted power for the boat heaters!! Thank goodness my on-board electrical whiz kid husband was able to fix things so we could be warm...

Hope you're staying warm, too.