And sew it begins!

I finished making all my 3" parts of my en provence quilt yesterday. I saved the easiest for last. I needed 41 more neutral four patches to make my roughly half sized version. Actually it will be pretty big, but I think I have wallspace for it.

I am ready to assemble.

But I got Clyded. I think he needs some play time because we left the cats for a few hours while running errands. That face, irresistible.

Actually, I want to finish this wallhanging up today, so I might not actually start assembly until Thursday, Wednesday being my local quilters' weekly hang out day at a rec center a few towns over.

For once, I am pretty pleased with my machine quilting. Sorry I didn't have time to crop it. I promise to take a good picture with a real camera, when it's done.


Moira said…
Clyde would have gotten to me as well! Love that pincushion, did you make it? If so, do you remember where you got the pattern?
Louise said…
The wall hanging is really pretty! I'm glad you'll have it finished while it's still winter :)

I'm always amazed to see pictures of cats in the sewing room. Mine won't go anywhere near my machine. I think the noise scares her.
joanne w said…
Moira, yes, I made it. It does keep a lot of tools handy as well as storing pins. Clyde was actually chewing on the light green seam gauge before I took the photo. I was worried he would start pulling pins out with his teeth, and he was so far back on the sewing desk (and so heavy) that I couldn't easily grab him and remove him.

The pattern is here:
joanne w said…
Louise, count your blessings. Clyde gives mine head rubs while I am sewing, so I have to stop, because I am afraid he will get hurt. With Clyde it's always a ploy to get more food. Annoy the humans.
My Poly head bumps my arm--hard to sew a straight seam!
Vireya said…
Cute cat! Have fun with the assembly - it is quite a process.
joanne w said…
Vireya, you are not kidding. This is not for the fainthearted!