Cheat Sheet

I was determined to finish trimming my lavender hourglass blocks this morning, so armed with vapo-rub under my nose and Sucrets in my mouth, I went to my worktable to square them up.

Problem: Clyde seems to find the scent of Eucalyptus alluring, so he kept jumping up on the table and getting in my way. He was banished. I finished trimming.

Except I was one short.  Maybe I was feverish yesterday?

I decided that I needed a cheat sheet to inventory how many I needed of each unit and how many I had. I cut and pieced my target design from the Clue 7 pdf and these are the numbers I think I need. I decided this was the smallest size wallhanging I would like to make that kept the original design elements. Although you could do a smaller one with nine of the magenta blocks and four of the green/yellow ones. But that might have given me a lot of leftover units. So here is my plan.

Hopefully, my numbers are right, or at least close enough!  Let me know if you spot any errors.