Hey, Wait Up!

That's me calling out to the rest of the  En Provence Mystery Quilters, some of whom have already pieced the full sized top.  Life got in the way of my quilty time, but that's a-ok.

Had to convert the room over from sewing to guest quarters. In the process I got a reasonably good picture of my first Bonnie Hunter scrappy quilt: Star Struck.

Judicious use of a brighter constant color really helps when trying to use up the older stash, with its murky prints.

It was a quiet New Year's weekend here.  I managed to get the winter sampler sandwiched and ready to quilt.

Here's how we party on New Year's Eve - total snoozefest. Clyde had just popped up from a nap for a short bout of grooming and a quick scan for any food related action.

New Year's Day was what used to be called in some colleges a "Reading Day"
Me and Clyde and a Kindle.

I hadn't realized that with my Amazon Prime, I get to choose a free pre-release book each month. They call it Kindle First.  I finished last month's selection: Sisters One Two Three, and started this month's longer historic novel Palm Trees In the Snow.

Monday was a family get-together for my mom's birthday. Today has been a catching up day, but I did finally start cutting for Clue 6. Even my recently organized strip bins did not yield enough greens, so I had to dig into yardage. I also have to figure out what I did with the most recent lavendar FQ I bought a few weeks ago.  Anyway, I will try to get caught up this week. It's not a race, I won't stress.