Slowed by a Winter Headcold!

Ugh!  Came down with a winter cold. Hoping it will pass quickly. I managed to get some writing work done on a client order today, after a walk, shopping and making some butternut squash soup with a ton of fresh ginger in it.  I could breathe freely for a while after all the ginger. Good thing I love the taste of it.

I have started my blocks, but need to cut more strips. I also figured I need lots more of all the past clues, so I'd better get going.  Many of my greens are of the blue/green sort, so I've been digging for more of the yellower mossy greens. I found some additional lavender yardage too. Just need to cut more strips.

Tomorrow, writing deadline with a chance of snow. No errands. Hope for some extra stitching time.


Moira said…
Bummer on the cold. Hope it's gone soon! Have fun with the mystery quilt!

Louise said…
I feel your pain! The cold going around is particularly nasty this year. Get well soon!
joanne w said…
Thanks Ladies! I am feeling quite a bit better today. I can actually breathe through my nose. Thought I had finally trimmed all these hourglass blocks, but when I counted them, I realized I am one short. I still have to go back and make more of each clue. Hopefully, my new calculations are correct.