The insanity continues

Little hexies are powerfully addictive.

My challenges thus far:

  1. Printing on dark fabrics. Using a fine white mechanical pencil instead of printing.
  2. Eyestrain!  Have to break up the stitching with long focus intervals. I am doing better at my worktable in the quiltorium with an ott light. My easy chair in front of the TV has reverted to crochet project station.
  3. Thread colors. Found some aurifil 50 that I'd forgotten I had, but I only have a bright blue and no purple. So I ordered a medium gray spool which should arrive this week. 

I spent some time trying to wrestle with my big bucket o scraps:

And was able to get half the neutral 1.5" squares I need for an upcoming small project by trimming stuff from this bucket.