A Crochet FO and wreath progress

I can't believe I used the whole skein.  What a beast of a project this was. Lots of fudging to keep the pattern going correctly in the last 12 inches or so.  Photo of that project tomorrow. All it needs is the fringe.  My goal was to get this out of the way before I start my charity crochet/knitting for Lent, which begins next week.

And I am close to being done with this. Very fiddly, will be glad to close the circle on it. I have about three full rosettes and a few semi-rosettes plus some green connecting work to finish.

Also coming along on the last twelve blocks I need for my berry bushel wall quilt.

But the big news is: spring definitely sprung a bit the last few days. We had two sunny warm days followed by one that is a bit colder. Signs of life everywhere: crocuses blooming, irises, daffodils, tiger lilies sending up foliage, and the first ugly purple beaks of skunk cabbage are poking through in the marshy areas near our trails. Happy Spring!