Clyde's Ancestors?

I toil on, making the daily mistake of sewing in the hour before that important time of day known as LUNCHTIME FOR CLYDE. (I am sure he thinks the uppercase is warranted). Today I felt sure one of his distant ancestors had posed in some of the famous Mainzer cat postcards. I actually found one on my drafting table under a pile of er, well just call it "stuff." Things that have not been put away in a few years.

The big ginger cat about to womp the little gray cat with a pillow. Little gray lady could be Bonnie, who certainly holds her own in all attempted Clyde attacks.

Anyway, he began his assault by seizing the desktop near the 301, then jumped to a better vantage point.

I studiously ignored him, determined to finish sewing little dog ear parts for a quilt block.  But the tail of doom threatened to sweep my work to the floor.

I managed to finish, and gave up and gave him his lunch.

The dog ears were assembled into mirror light-dark pairs.

Can you guess what Bonnie Hunter block I am making?

Gotta run, it's now DINNERTIME FOR CLYDE. And Bonnie too.