Foraging through the stash

Much like the squirrels in my yard who seem to bury food in random spots, I am a fabric squirrel. My  fabric is not in a unified storage system. Because I am a scrap quilter primarily, I may not actually "pull" all my fabrics at the start of a project.  I scramble through bins looking for a bit more of what I need.

Take for example, my inklingo project. Printing went well this morning, no jams in my printer.

I am nearly halfway done! I am not following the colors on my cheat sheet pattern, I am using it as a guide for the shapes and I choose the colors as I go along.  When I complete a flower or section, I put a dot in it and mark the edges off on the paper sheet.  When it's done, I may add some more leaves at the outer edge, if it does not look balanced.

So far, I have to say this has been a lot quicker than basting to paper.

So, how about you, do you have all your stash well organized and sorted, or are you a nutty squirrel like me?