Home Stretch?

I still feel a bit like I am moving through molasses, but I did keep myself going today. Vacuumed downstairs and up, then decided not to mop the kitchen.  Regrouped my resolve and vacuumed upstairs. After lunch, I hooked along on this:

See the little green stitch marker near the upper left? That is my new strategy, it shows my progress each day, shames me into doing more. As you can see, the skein is getting eviscerated, so I should be in the home stretch. I hope.

I decided to go with placemats for these, or maybe a tablerunner to continue the secondary design along.  Matching the blue points up has been problematic, so I don't really want to make anything more than two rows tall. I'm leaning towards table runner now, but will decide when I get back to it this weekend. On the road tomorrow.