Symmetry is my security blanket

As you may recall, I was wondering what to do with the berry bushel blocks. I couldn't do placemats because the secondary red diagonal pattern would not complete in a way I could live with.This is how it would look placemat sized.

I thought maybe a long thin table runner. Better, but it would be too long to be practical for me to use anywhere.  Maybe I should have done that.  But instead, I have them pieced together like this:

But this is a kind of odd size. So I think I have to make another row so the red diagonal design falls in a three by three grid.  Then I will be happy with it, and do something about borders.  That's 12 more blocks. 😢 I really have to buck up and plow on with this, or it will end up in the sad dark reaches of the unfinished and unloved UFOs.  Too many of those already.

As far as other stalled projects go, here is where I am with my inklingo 3/8" hexie adventure. Almost half way around the wreath.

I sensed a warmth in the sunlight as I trudged through the crusty snow this morning, spring is really not going to be too far off, and I need something to replace this when spring finally decides to settle in....

Speaking of warm sun, the quiltorium kitties now insist on being let in to our sunny little TV room in the late morning, when the sunlight patches leave the living room floor. I try to keep this room relatively free of cat shenanigans and flying fur, but anything to keep the peace!
Off to heat up my lunch, then I need to start cutting for more berry bushel blocks.