This and That

The blizzard took its toll last week. Even with a snowblower, it's an all hands on deck job around here. Gave me such a case of tendonitis in my right wrist. That joint had been acting up recently from too much rotary cutting and crocheting.  Kind of frustrating to look forward to retirement and free time to follow your bliss, and find out that your body has other ideas!

I dug out my old Martelli Ergonomic rotary cutter, which had been idle for years since the spring that locks the blade guard disappeared. I emailed Martelli and they sent me a replacement spring, so I look forward to more rotary cutting with my wrist in a neutral position.  If it breaks again, I will just buy a new one.

I am trying to finish this colorpooling scarf before Lent begins....I switch at least some of my crafty time to charity work during Lent. Maybe I will make some baby quilts to donate as well.

I made 24 Berry Bushel blocks. My original thought was placemats of six blocks with a blue border. I could make it into a baby size quilt, but I think no one would want these colors.  Wallhanging? I will assemble six blocks ans see if the placemat idea works.

Question for the readers:

1. Assemble block to block as shown, or
2. with a 1" sashing strip with cornerstones, either blue cornerstones, or continue the colors that form along the diagonals--meaning some cornerstones are red, some are pink?

I can easily mock that up on the design wall, before deciding.

Today I finished reading Marie Kondo's Lifechanging Magic of Tidying up. Since today is trash day, i did manage to sneak a few bags of neglected stuff to the curb. I like her idea of purging by category before reorganizing, but this house has so many hidey holes for "stuff" that I think a month or so of preliminary purging is in order.

Then I will start with easier categories and subcategories, like:

  • Handbags and totebags
  • Socks
  • tablecloths

But I won't get rid of my scraps.  They can just pile them in the coffin with me if I don't use them up before I die!


Louise said…
I like the Berry blocks as shown. Sashing would be nice, but there's interesting patterns in the current layout that appeal to me.

I hear you about the body having other plans for our retirement! Getting old is not for the wimpy, that's for sure.

Your comment about scraps in your coffin cracked me up :)