Friday Progress

Blame it on the cold. Stuck indoors, so I got a few things done.
First passacaglia rosette. I found out afterwards via the facebook group that I shouldn't put the outside points on until final assembly. So much to learn!  Inklingo is definitely the way to go with this project.  Not thrilled with these colors, I think the bubble gum pink pentagons are annoying me, but after staring at hundreds of completed passacaglias on google image search, I think it will be fine in the finished quilt. If I ever finish.......

 Second, the little berry bushel quilt. I really love designs that create a secondary pattern after the blocks are joined. I had to paw through lots of stash to find the royal blue moda tone on tone from 1997. Thought I had more of it, but now I remember that I used a lot to make my selvedge tote about a year ago. Now to see if I have enough batting to put this together. I will have to piece a backing, but I can incorporate a one yard cut of some old blue fabric that looks like it has little clusters of berries on it. My walls aren't complaining yet about staring at ugly backing fabrics, so I'm safe. Must use up the stash!