Learning a New Dance

A Passacaglia, that is!

Ha, did you click?

That was the music, here is the quilt.

I know I wanted to finish my wreath project first, but the basting has been tedious. In my defense, I can only say I should be able to finish the basting today: outer edges are done, and I am 1/3 of the way around the inner edge.

I don't remember where or when this fabric crept into my stash. Could be twenty years old at this point. I have a half yard of it!

It just begs to be fussy cut, don't you think?

I do love jumping in to things that give me little clue how the product will turn out.
I inklingo'd some paper templates, then made myself a cardboard (!!?!!) window template.

Took longer to lay out and cut than to hand stitch.

So, it's official. I have started my La Passacaglia quilt. I may never finish, but I am sure to have fun as it evolves.

I will use this magenta in the next ring of this rosette. I don't even know which rosette it will become in the pattern.

Most of the white is in the seam allowances so it will look very different when I get the next pieces in place, I'm sure.

The magenta was my focus fabric for En Provence, another ufo of recent vintage. Still waiting for my shoulder to unfreeze before sandwiching that quilt top.

UPDATE: Decided to go with a teal, 80's vintage print because the hearts would just bump into the magenta color and look a little weird. I can use the five diamonds in magenta for some other block....

This is so much fun!