Peacefully Piecing by Hand, but my Stash looks like a Tornado hit

When working with small pieces, I am getting better accuracy with hand piecing than by machine. It's very soothing and so portable.  And Inklingo is the way to go.

So, I have two hand piecing projects in motion at present. There was a short inklingo mystery quilt to make a wallhanging that just started. I was going to wait, but it's fun to do it at the same time as other quilters on facebook, so you can see how everyone's design is evolving. So far, I have two little stars done.

I had a devil of a time lining up this fabric, as the repeats shifted both horizontally and vertically. I am not totally pleased with the centers, but I think I will live with it as my first attempt at no waste fussycutting. I will probably make more stars than the project requires, so that I can choose the ones that look the best, and make a table runner or something with the others.

My other hand piecing work from yesterday was my second rosette for La Passacaglia.

I did window template fussy cutting on the five pieces needed for the center of this block, and I am very happy with the central precision on this rosette. I will probably do black star points, and I think I have some fabric that has orange, yellow and green in a small scale geometric print to use as the small pentagons in those stars, and maybe another pink would work as the small diamonds that alternate with the stars.

I love the fact that I can find all this great fabric in my stash. But the downside is that all my bins and drawers look so pawed through and messed up from all my rooting around for goodies. Is anyone able to keep their stash completely tidy in the midst of the joy of creating? I guess it's worse for us scrap quilters!


Moira said…
My stash doesn't stay neat when I'm working on quilts for sure!