Progress and a Finish!

Ta Dah!

Berry Bushel is now DONE.  Replaced the Garlic Knots on my kitchen gallery rod.

I printed more shapes for handpiecing two projects, and basted the hexie wreath. All duly noted in my updated tracker.

I even put some of the mess away in the quiltorium.

The promised rain has vanished from the forecast, and it's 61 degrees out, so maybe I will venture outside again and tackle some small outdoor chores for a while. The last of the snow is melting today, so maybe it's finally spring.

I saw a great quote on a church sign this week, it went something like this:

"Nature takes her time. And yet, everything gets accomplished."

The seasons turn, just enjoy where we are right now.


Louise said…
It's so pretty, all quilted and bound and hanging in the place of honor :) Congrats on the finish!