Pushing UFOs through the Pipeline

I retired on 10/31/2015, and am still trying to peel away my work persona, but I have some old habits that die hard. We always talked about a project and sales pipeline at work, and had to push these things through the pipeline.  So I cracked open Excel (one of my favorite Office apps) and made a UFO pipeline.  I probably still have some forgotten UFOs to list here.  The ones in gray at the bottom have a low likelihood of ever being finished!

Berry Bushel will be out of the pipeline soon, only binding left to be done. I have done as much machine quilting as my sore arms and shoulders will permit. We are still recovering from the recent frozen slush storm cleanup. I did the blocks in freeform flowers, the inner border in clusters of berries, and the outer border looks a lot like tons of blueberries to me.

 Ran out of bobbin thread about six inches from the end!  How frustrating!  I did have a partially bobbin nearby, so I was able to finish.  I just hope the reds don't bleed when I wash this.  A little nervous about that.
Binding may or may not happen tomorrow.


I love spreadsheets and I love how you used it for quilting purposes. I may have to copy you. I have several I need to keep track of.