Wreath wallhanging DONE

Machine quilted yesterday, bound today.  I usually just estimate how much binding I need to make, and I almost always use bias binding.  I almost had to piece in another section on this one, I had about an inch leftover when I cut the ends to make the final bias seam.

Yikes, that was close!

Far from perfect, but I am happy with it. I swapped out my winter wallhanging near the front door, and replaced it with this.

I hate to call this my own design, but I saw an inspiration photo on pinterest that had a kit to make a similar wreath. I purchased the inklingo pattern for the smallest hexies, and used the printable hexagon grid and a box of crayons to lay out my flowers and leaves. Then I had a merry old time pawing through stash, and printed small amounts of hexagons. The darkest ones I had to trace out with a white pencil, as I couldn't see any ink color on those deep Cherrywood fabrics. 

Lots of inspiration photos on pinterest for other mini hexie projects. I am going to be doing smaller projects for a while. I am committed to trying to use up my stash, and that includes the bags of batting strips. It always seems like a good idea to save them. I have pieced some, but I don't enjoy doing that, either with the batting tape or just zigzagging pieces together. I'm always afraid the seam will show through the light fabrics or come undone and bunch up in the wash if it's not heavily quilted.

That's two UFOs completed in less than a week! Should I remove them from my tracker, or savor my gold star finishes? Whatever, just keep quilting! Probably slower progress til we get done with the tax returns.