The good news is that I have a relatively minor inflammation of the white of my left eye. The bad news is that it hurts like the dickens across my whole face. Not infectious. Some cortisone drops should clear it up. Yesterday was a bad day, I got about this much sewing done:

The top parts of the remaining five pieces I need to make for the current clue of COTDN.
All I could manage after lunch was some crochet and lying about like a slug.

Today, I am a little better, but went back on ibuprofen because the pain is getting a bit much and it should also clear the inflammation. I used a cold compress over my eyes for a while too. So, I am getting a little bit of hand piecing done, and started assembling two charity lap quilt tops from a pile of old nine patches from online swaps -- they are decades old....

Well, I am sure Clyde is trying to chew through the closed door to my office to let me know it is definitely his lunch time. I'd better hop to it, or he will take his frustration out on poor little Bonnie and start a kerfluffle.