Printer Jam

Nothing ruins an inklingo project like a jammed printer. I was hopping right along printing Clue 5 of the Case of the Diamond Necklace, and when I turned my back, I noticed this giant jam up of my printer. Can't even get to the feed tray now.

Soon it will be time to deposit the requested ransom in his food dish, and I will be able to sneak back here and finish.

I finished stitching Clue 4 this morning, before a very nice walk in the warming and greening woods. Our deer friends are in hiding, but we did see a garden snake. Not as much fun as deer spotting.

I am eager to put this mystery quilt top to bed. For some reason, I feel like I have too much in motion right now, so I will stick with this til at least the finished quilt top phase before moving too far onto something else. I haven't been near a sewing machine in weeks, it's been all hand stitching. 


Moira said…
Such a cute printer jam tho!