quilting interrupted, mostly

Time to finish the taxes, in our usual getting down to the wire fashion.

A bit of progress on La Passacaglia, but nothing photo worthy yet.

Clyde the cat was in for a dental cleaning and came home minus two upper canines. It's been a rough two days. Both cats are craving their kibble, which he can't have til Friday. So we sneak Bonniecat to a secluded room for furtive kibble snacks. Until this morning, Clyde wasn't drinking much and he would kind of bang and roll his head on the water bowl, so we can't even put the water bowls out yet, just present water to them on and off all day. Thank God he was able to drink this morning, and he is not banging and rubbing his head everywhere, so I think the pain is subsiding. Next challenge: getting the pain pills in.


Louise said…
Poor kitty! I hope he has a speedy recovery.