Ready, Set, Go!

I laid low this weekend, and lots of rest and home remedies got rid of the sinus issue and most of the facial pain. My eye is still red and sore, so I will see the eye doc this afternoon.

I managed to get meals on the table, do some light chores, (not nearly enough!) and printed and trimmed everything I need for a week's worth of hand stitching. My go-kits are packed and ready for my bee tomorrow. Clue Six of COTDN and the rest of my third La Passacaglia Rosette.

I also string pieced a few blocks for Dawn's Early Light.

Question for anyone doing this mystery quilt:  Are you pressing these fiddly blocks with your full sized iron, or a smaller craft iron?  I had trouble in an earlier clue getting the intersection of so many pieces to lay flat when I pressed with my full sized iron.