The Gift that Keeps on Giving.....

The Palm Sunday Stomach bug of 2017 has been difficult to recover from. I've had bad facial headaches, and my left eye is still today, I am breaking out the home remedies to see if I can improve things. So far, it's just a normal level of sinus pain, not that "Who hit me in the face with a baseball bat" feeling.  Tea tree oil, neti pot, eyewash, homeopathic eyedrops.  I really hate going on antibiotics, but I may break down and see a doctor next week.

I've been mostly devoid of energy and ambition, but I have caught up on my COTDN mystery quilt clues. Struggling with the small fiddly pieces that meet in an 8 part seam and I think my green is too dark. But it should be interesting to see it come together.

After errands, I'll see if I have the oomph to sit at a sewing machine for a while. String piecing or something mindless perhaps.


Louise said…
Ugh, no fun to be sick! I hope you feel better soon.