And now for something completely different

Worked on the charity lap quilts today.Quilted. Edges serged to prep for binding. Will work on binding tomorrow. Made these out of old online swap nine patches and friendship stars. My online groups were a lifeline during the years of business travel. The erratic travel schedule of my consulting career made it very hard for me to develop an in person social life. Leave a comment if you made any of these blocks!

It's been a year and half or so since I retired. I continue to try to shed my old professional persona and settle into a more relaxed, more real version of myself. As part of that effort, I stopped dying my hair in February. Because my  natural base color is so close to the permanent dye color, there is not much of a skunk line. Lots of silver coming in around my face for now, but the rest of my head is dark brown with threads of silver. The dyed hair should be gone by July or August. Less time at the salon, more money in the budget for my hobbies!
A little more tidying, and then handwork is on my agenda until dinner time.


Louise said…
I think you're going to love your natural, graying hair! I'm glad you're let it grow back in. Kudos to you for embracing the "more relaxed and real version" of yourself. It really is very freeing :)
joanne w said…
Thanks Louise! After I get the reddish brown grown out, I would like to grow out the length. I only wore it this short because I thought it would look neater for work, but I hate having no hair over my ears! I like your length in the profile photo.