One Down, one to go

Managed to make the binding for both lap quilts and get one done.

I lucked out...I used the last of a fabric cut to make the green binding, and had only 12" leftover. And the bobbin thread did not run out.  I have a whole box full of leftover binding. I need to think up some small projects to use that up.

My sewing was not without its challenges today. Yes, a certain quiltorium cat... Both have decided to spend this rainy day with me. My little gray lady has just curled up in a cozy napping spot at the head of the bed. She is never a troublemaker.

However, my ginger boy couldn't get close enough....first he was head butting my 301 as I assembled binding pieces. Then he hid under the ironing board and thought the dangling ends of the binding were some cool new cat toy.  I snatched it from his paws and it had no bite marks. Thankfully, he finally fell asleep there and allowed me to finish one of these quilts.

I think I feel a little more productive after I did some spot cleaning in the quiltorium. You know how it goes. Quilting is just not a very neat hobby, at least in my world.

Too many projects in motion, that's my problem.

Are you a daily tidy-er type of quilter? Or more like me?


Louise said…
Aw, your kitties are so sweet when they are sleeping! I agree that quilting is not tidy, but tidying must happen occasionally or the chaos becomes too much. Plus, you can sometimes find long-forgotten fabric under the piles...