Right as Rain

Well, we have had a bit of rain every day. It's definitely bringing on the May flowers. But the good news is that my eye has calmed down and I have had no facial pain, headaches, or eyestrain today! In spite of working assiduously to finish up the last clue of COTDN. These were terribly hard for me to match up at the intersection of so many seams of little pieces. But it's good 'nuff.

Pressing must be done carefully and Linda always gives instructions. I snapped a picture on my phone and used that as a guide at the ironing board. Things pressed out flat with a dry iron.

I have printed what I need for my chosen center block. I have to use a white print that is a bit lighter than the one I've used throughout the other pieces....I ran out. Visited two stores on Friday, but no luck finding a match. That's the problem with well-aged stash. 

I pieced two charity lap quilts last week, and am awaiting backing fabric that I ordered. I hope to make progress on those this week as well.

And, spring garden chores....there are many waiting for us.