And the chuckles continue!

I need to rebuild my quilting stamina, I guess.

As I was in the final stages of assembling the friendship stars, I must have discovered ten more wonky stars that needed to be frogged and restitched. I don't know how I didn't notice them as I pressed and stacked them last night. One even slipped through into the joinup with the string pieced blocks.

Today's big oops was this. I thought I made enough string blocks for the red friendship stars. I only made half as many as I needed. Oh well.  I at least got them joined up into the large four patch layout. As usual, I needlessly worried that some of my reds were too dark, or two pink, or too orangey-red. But I think it is coming out fine.
Oops!  I think I see three of these that need to be picked apart and sewn correctly so that there are little triangles in the center where the  string blocks meet. Three blocks were pieced so that the stripes run end on. I believe that's wrong.  I hope it's wrong, otherwise, I have a lot more blocks to fix!  But I am getting so good at frogging this week.

Tomorrow's goals are:

Clean up the mess from the red blocks: sewing table, cutting table, ironing board and floor.
Clean and oil the trusty 301.
Start cutting the blue triangle sets and begin string piecing.

I would rather move on to the blues before piecing the rest of the 3.5" string blocks.


Louise said…
I'm impressed that all the stars are spinning the same way :) You're right about all the reds working just fine together. This is scrappy goodness!