Hand Quilting

Although I have another hand quilting project that is stalled out in the closet of the forgotten UFOs, I decided that I just couldn't machine quilt the COTDN tabletopper. So this weekend, I managed to get the center section just about finished.

I have seen people hand quilt without a hoop, so I tried it on one of the triangles. Result:  The fabric didn't lay flat. So I am back to using a hoop, rocker stitch, very small between needle. The downside of that is that I have no quilting callus on my under-finger, so I need to stitch a little each day to toughen it up. Proud to say, I haven't bled on the backing with all the poking into that sore finger.

Much to do this week, with a looming trip to a graduation upstate.

The fawns are out and about in our woods and the youngest bucks are proudly sporting stubby little antlers. As we move into July, our walks will slow down, because the wild raspberries are coming into season. They are so tender that I can't bring them home without bruising them to a pulp, so they are food for the trail.