I have the chucklin blues now

Full disclosure:  I have a master's degree in engineering, which required hours and hours of really brutal higher mathematics. I hope they don't rescind my diplomas because I can't do basic arithmetic anymore.

Thankfully, I was only intending to crank out a test block of the blue/neutral HSTs.  I did cut about twenty or thirty of them though....no matter, there will be other ways to use them.

So, I started hacking away at 1.5" strips without giving it much thought. I need to make a triangular unit of HSTs and extra blue triangles, mate it to a string pieced triangle and attach it to a 6" finished block that is a four patch layout of 2 red friendship stars+2string pieced squares.

So take a look at what I did:

I made a mini!

I guess I need to start hacking 2.5" strips this afternoon. Sheesh, I amaze myself sometimes.


Louise said…
Ha! I also have an engineering degree and have made some real bone headed math mistakes while quilting. What do you mean I'm 6" short on this border?? And how many times do I come up short on my bindings? Sigh.

That's going to be a neat block, when you re-do it :)