I'm here

Just a bit bogged down in clearing out mom's belongings. I can't wait until I don't have to make this trip anymore. However, the work involved in this task makes me want to spend more time decluttering my own home. I surely don't want to leave the task to my sons. So it's just another thing to try to balance into my day.

Nevertheless, my hand quilting continues, and I got some work done on the patriotic project I hope to finish this weekend.

After I finish stitching these blue units together, i have to make 16 more 3" string blocks in the neutrals and assemble my wallhanging of Dawn's Early Light.

In other news, I decided it's time to get my health and weight back under control. I'm over on Sparkpeople as Joknits, if anyone wants to join me. They were quicker to the web than weight watchers, they are free to join, and their mobile app is pretty good, although I have trouble getting the barcode part of the app working well on my current phone. I like the way you can customize your tracker to track micronutrients as well as carbs, fats, and protein, and of course, total calories. It interfaces well with my fitbit too.