Mission Accomplished

Have I finished something? Well, no.

But  I sort of met the goals I set out for myself at the end of yesterday's post.  Just had to reduce some of them to a lick and a promise approach.

Sewing machine cleaned, oiled, gears greased.  Sewing station not perfect, but clean enough to move on to the next step.

With the advent of hot hot weather, I have been trying to only use my little travel iron, and use it sparingly. I batch things up for one big pressing event. Have to be energy efficient in an un-airconditioned sewing room. It gets some passive cooling from a window unit in an adjacent area.

Cutting station: all reds put away and there is room enough to work on the blue and neutral HSTs.

I got about twenty of them sewed before dinner.

Ready tomorrow to make a test unit to make sure my seam allowance is precise.

After dinner, I decided to take some handwork (COTDN) into the worktable in our bedroom, because that AC had been cranking away all afternoon. Again, energy conservation.  Since we were only downstairs at mealtimes, we didn't turn an AC on at all, but kept some fans working all day. 

Tomorrow is bee day, and the semi-annual birthday luncheon.  Anyone with a milestone birthday (60, 70, 80) in the first six months of the year will be showered with FQs.  And since I'll turn 60 in a few weeks, I'll be coming home with some. 


Louise said…
I completely understand batching up the ironing to keep the room from heating up! When we're at anchor, my studio is not air conditioned. Right now we're in a marina, so we have power for the a/c, and I'm ironing everything! :)