I'm trying!

Really pushed hard with the hand quilting on COTDN this weekend. My eyes are feeling the strain!

So, I took a break and tried out a new hobby. Actually something I hadn't touched since high school.

Watercolor painting. It's always intrigued me, having to think through the negative space before you begin. You can't just highlight with white like in other opaque types of painting. Now that I am officially a senior citizen, I can head over to the art group at the senior center during the week.  I just wanted to practice a bit so I wouldn't feel inadequate. I found my brushes and paints, and did a few small warmups. This was the best of the lot.

I need to up my game in terms of composing a scene or a still life if I am serious about pursuing this. But anything to push the aging brain in a new direction is a good thing!  I also need to start playing the piano again.

And of course, I really need to finish COTDN!