The daunting task of cleaning out mom's main home continues. We go once a week, starting out at 5 am to avoid metro NYC traffic, and try to be back on the road by 1.   We brought home part of my old high school bedroom set to use in the quiltorium after we take up the rug and put in a solid surface floor. This is the little desk where I sweated out calculus problems, translated my french and latin, and wrote my college applications.  In a sea of Italian-American decor, it is the one thing I picket out to my own taste at the time.

Quilt inspector approves.

I am still handquilting slowly on COTDN and made the binding I need to finish Dawn's Early Light. It's been hot and sticky today, and it has really sapped my energy.


Louise said…
It's such a big job to sort and organize an entire life's worth of possessions like you are doing. I'm glad you're finding a few things you want to keep and will be useful to you. Hang in there!