A Weekend at the Lake

Ringo Lake, figuratively but not literally.  Clue 1 dropped early Friday morning. Black Friday for those who love crowds, but creamy white-chocolate brown-aqua blue Friday for those of us Quiltvillians who were fortunate enough to be spending the holiday at home or within reach of ample stash and tools for sewing.

First, I pawed through my scrap user's system bins, which yielded up some great starting fabrics. I had ample cream colored white strips and a few browns to get me started.

Then I began working on the fqs and yardage that was stored in various drawers and bins.

Soon I was churning out these little nine patches and falling more in love with the colors of this quilt with every block.

And here is the full assortment for Clue 1 resting on my background fabric, which is so very lake-appropriate.

Love it? It's not too late to join in. You can make a wall quilt or a throw by doing 1/2 or 3/4 of the required number of blocks if you like.

The downside of all this fun has been a sore heel from standing to rotary cut and press for the morning, and a really sore thumb joint from holding my ruler steady while cutting. I don't think two days of a high carb diet are helping the inflammation levels in both those areas. I am back to eating healthy today.

Hope your holiday weekend includes some quilty time.  Enjoy!


  1. The thumbnail photo of the swirl of 9-patches caught my eye. I love the colorway that Bonnie has chosen this year! Now I will read a few more of your posts.)

  2. So pretty, it looks like a sparkly lake with all the different blues! Have fun!


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