Stay in the Comfort Zone

We joined the local guild. The BOM is an every two months you make two of the same block and end up with enough for a quilt. The pattern looked easy enough and my first thought was to try something different. So without much thought yesterday, I rummaged through stash and came up with something. Zipped through the cutting with my Go! cutter and dies and spent about an hour piecing the preliminary units.  It was so good to hear my happy 301 zooming along again!

However, when I laid them out, I thought, "It looks like Easter Egg colors!  Or Jelly beans! What was I thinking." This is so not me. I know I need to venture into brighter colors, but this was a step off a cliff! The focus fabric on the right sort of has all these colors in it. But without the focus fabric in the block, it just looks like a baby quilt block that no one would enjoy receiving. 

The following photo shows one small square of the original buttery yellow that looked even more hideous. I tried swapping in a bright reddish orange and that did look better, but the mint green still needed to be redone.  I vowed to try again today. 

Tomorrow I will try the block with these batiks. The small squares will give a variety to each of the nine patches because the scale of the batiks is large..  I am not sure I will continue with this bom through the year though because it looks like it will be the Eleanor Burns Tales of the First Ladies, and I do not find the applique on that quilt attractive to my taste. 
As usual, the colors are a bit off in this photo. 

Today was mostly spent on binding, and binge watching the Crown Season 2.  My usual challenges occurred. 
I used my decoy quilt tactic and that worked for a while.
But not for long, I think he has a thing for Princess Margaret.


  1. It's hard to sew blocks in colors you don't like! They never end up looking "right." Now, I love all those bright colors and they'd work with all kinds of my scraps, but each eye wants a different palette...

  2. I am cat-less as our last kitty went to live with our daughter when she married and moved out. I'd love to have to lay out decoy quilts! Right now all I have is a zany Border Collie that likes to sleep right behind my rolly chair. I hate ripping out tail and leg hair. I've even tried putting a dog bed in the studio but apparently that's not acceptable.

  3. Louise,I dug in to a big stash of batiks I had gotten as a birthday gift from my bee in June. Some of them are in quiet dark colors, and I decided to use those in this bom project. Stay tuned.

    Daffycat, I have always been more of a cat person than a dog person. Bonnie, the little gray cat is a princess who cozies up more to my husband and son. Clyde is a mama's boy.


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