Winter be gone!

Yet more snow this week. Bludgeoned my two earliest daffodils that were about to bloom. Thanksfully, it melted fast as the day warmed up. But I have to admit, it has me in a low energy funk. Really have to fight with myself to get moving on anything.  My exercise regimen got off track, my productivity dropped, etc.  Not helpful that I indulged my sweet tooth a bit to celebrate Easter. Exercise and eating back on track now. And got a little stitching done yesterday.

First, I made a short infinity cowl to go with some of my v neck long and short sleeve tees. 1/3 yard, and about 5 minutes of effort with an old Nancy Zieman pattern. Thanks Nancy, may you rest in eternal bliss and peace.

Then I added the connnecting pieces to the bee rosette from my last post. When I put it up on the wall next to what I have already stitched together, I noticed a problem that will have to be addressed.

The blue star point from the large rosette is too close in color and value to the diamond in the bee rosette. I will replace it with a kona black diamond, and also put one between the pink star and the blue star where it meets in that corner.

Decided that was work for another day though, and proceeded along on my next rosette, which is seasonally out of phase, but it uses colors that should contrast well with what it will be next to. Christmas, deer, kittens and more to come.  should not be a problem putting this somewhere on the perimeter of that large bright rosette.


Moira said…
Love how each rosette is so different from the others but still goes together so nicely!
joanne W said…
Thanks Moira, I think that overall, it's been a good exercise to stretch my color sense, and get away from being too matchy matchy about things. That works well as a home decor approach, but the most interesting quilts for me have the unusual color combos.