One more step to go....

On Allietare, and I won't be taking anymore pictures til the top is complete. I have the inner border on, but there is not enough of the fabric I thought I would use for the outer border, so I need to order some.

Since I am on a tight budget since retiring, I thought I would check Joann's first. Got in my car, drove there, and realized that I had neither my 40% off coupon nor my cellphone. So I didn't get the fabric today. I saw something on Connecting Threads, but their website is so slow!  I can't get my shopping cart to load again.  I put Allietare aside, and pulled this out: the Quiltville Tumbler challenge. I wasn't loving it until I saw someone doing this setting with a border of the darks and wavy rows instead of alternating lights and darks. my tumbler bin has gone way down while piecing allietare, I bet I can double the width of this, if I piece together all the pairs I have stitched and pressed while doing the MQ.

I am thinking of putting allietare on the quilting front burner, even though there are so many other UFO's. I have created a UFO tab on this blog to try to track my progress this year.  

Have you made a list of your UFO's? Did you make a resolution regarding finishing them in 2016?
I think I am getting too old for actual resolutions, I just try to move toward certain goals without beating myself up for falling short. Why make your hobby make you crazy?


desertskyquilts said…
I made a list of six projects I want to finish this year. One of my Aussie friends says PASS, projects at a stand still. These are that! QuiltChicks is doing a group encouragement on UFOs this year, so we'll see if that helps! And there's One Monthly Goal, too, which is linked somewhere on my blog at the beginning of January. Between those two things, I hope to be able to finish many things, not all of them UFOs, but some of them! I'm going to go look at your UFO tab. It's always good to support a fellow project collector. =)