Monday, May 22, 2017

Rest in Peace Mom

Last week was the most difficult of my life. Every day mom grew weaker as she rarely woke, lost the ability to eat, drink, speak. After that, she passed within two days.

I am sure I will return to therapeutic stitching in a few days after we get through the funeral. 

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Pulling the pieces together

I managed to finish my third rosette for La Pass, and connect all three finished rosettes together. The joining requires concentration and it focuses my attention away from all my other stresses. Sometimes when life is stressful, I need to do some mindless stitching like making string blocks, but right now, this intense work is really helping to steady me.

I'm a little mad at my phone's camera, there whas a huge difference in half an f first shot washed out the yellow ring entirely, and this one made the background murky. I really need to think about getting a real camera.....

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Minor progress on all things

 Finished the second charity lap quilt:

Working a bit on my third rosette:

 and was very excited to see the big reveal for COTDN on facebook. Had to lay my pieces out to see how it will look:

Friday, May 05, 2017

One Down, one to go

Managed to make the binding for both lap quilts and get one done.

I lucked out...I used the last of a fabric cut to make the green binding, and had only 12" leftover. And the bobbin thread did not run out.  I have a whole box full of leftover binding. I need to think up some small projects to use that up.

My sewing was not without its challenges today. Yes, a certain quiltorium cat... Both have decided to spend this rainy day with me. My little gray lady has just curled up in a cozy napping spot at the head of the bed. She is never a troublemaker.

However, my ginger boy couldn't get close enough....first he was head butting my 301 as I assembled binding pieces. Then he hid under the ironing board and thought the dangling ends of the binding were some cool new cat toy.  I snatched it from his paws and it had no bite marks. Thankfully, he finally fell asleep there and allowed me to finish one of these quilts.

I think I feel a little more productive after I did some spot cleaning in the quiltorium. You know how it goes. Quilting is just not a very neat hobby, at least in my world.

Too many projects in motion, that's my problem.

Are you a daily tidy-er type of quilter? Or more like me?

Thursday, May 04, 2017

And now for something completely different

Worked on the charity lap quilts today.Quilted. Edges serged to prep for binding. Will work on binding tomorrow. Made these out of old online swap nine patches and friendship stars. My online groups were a lifeline during the years of business travel. The erratic travel schedule of my consulting career made it very hard for me to develop an in person social life. Leave a comment if you made any of these blocks!

It's been a year and half or so since I retired. I continue to try to shed my old professional persona and settle into a more relaxed, more real version of myself. As part of that effort, I stopped dying my hair in February. Because my  natural base color is so close to the permanent dye color, there is not much of a skunk line. Lots of silver coming in around my face for now, but the rest of my head is dark brown with threads of silver. The dyed hair should be gone by July or August. Less time at the salon, more money in the budget for my hobbies!
A little more tidying, and then handwork is on my agenda until dinner time.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Quick Update

This is the view out my front window from my favorite chair. Full of spring green.

I finished my center block for COTDN yesterday at my weekly bee. Not pressed yet, but it looks pretty good.

I have been handstitching so much that my "under finger" is quite sore. I guess I always nick it a bit with my needle to know when to dip back up when making a running stitch, just like I do when hand quilting.

After a bit of garden cleanup, I think it's time to tidy the quiltorium just a little and work on some charity lap quilts so I can cross them off the list of "Gotta-dos". Have a great day!

Monday, May 01, 2017

Right as Rain

Well, we have had a bit of rain every day. It's definitely bringing on the May flowers. But the good news is that my eye has calmed down and I have had no facial pain, headaches, or eyestrain today! In spite of working assiduously to finish up the last clue of COTDN. These were terribly hard for me to match up at the intersection of so many seams of little pieces. But it's good 'nuff.

Pressing must be done carefully and Linda always gives instructions. I snapped a picture on my phone and used that as a guide at the ironing board. Things pressed out flat with a dry iron.

I have printed what I need for my chosen center block. I have to use a white print that is a bit lighter than the one I've used throughout the other pieces....I ran out. Visited two stores on Friday, but no luck finding a match. That's the problem with well-aged stash. 

I pieced two charity lap quilts last week, and am awaiting backing fabric that I ordered. I hope to make progress on those this week as well.

And, spring garden chores....there are many waiting for us.