Friday, June 24, 2016

Portion control

Started a few 4" garlic knots this morning, I call them portion controlled knots.

I'm trying to use neutrals with white or very light cream backgrounds, or gray backgrounds, and avoiding the "murkier" darker tan neutrals, so that it turns out scrappy with a lighter overall feel.
Not sure where I'm going with this, likely to be around the size of my recent basket quilt.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

this and that

Today was supposed to be quilting group day, but I drove there and the police had the road blocked off from both directions. Didn't know how long that would last, so I drove home. Have stuff to do today around the homestead anyway, although I do miss seeing the quilting group.

Scraps seem to exist in all forms....precut strips and squares from the scrap savers system, strings, crumbs and leftover pieced strips from old nine patch swaps. Many years ago when I did nine patch swaps, I guess July was patriotic themed, so I had some long strips leftover of flag fabric and Wow. I would come across them and say, oh, someday I will use those for something. Well, today, I took care of that.It's simple, it's finished, and it's in time for Independence Day.

Now, the last time I became enamored of something Bonnie Hunter was up to--before I saw her finished quilt, I jumped in. And I ended up doing my own layout, and I love it! It dresses up a bare wall in our kitchen.

Fast forward to now. She's been doing those garlic knot blocks. I think hers are 6" blocks. I have these bursting bins of 1.5" strips with no plan in mind, so I am going to make a bunch in 4" size. Portion controlled garlicknots! Here is the first one, which I pieced before I saw her great instructions. the next batch will be done the easy, Bonnie-approved way, which she demonstrates in this quiltcam episode, as well as several of the May episodes.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A new Scrapcessory

I love making blocks, but big quilts sometimes languish on my to-do list. So, I have also begun using scrap quilting techniques for accessories. I call them scrapcessories. My first one was scissor lanyard in this picture. Made from 1.5" charm squares and linen.
The string blocks you've seen in several previous posts, as well as the adding machine strips you see above were used to make this:

I made my triangles too small, shame on me, but it still turned out ok. The straps were easy to make, just cut the adding machine strips to 2" wide to the length you like. fuse some pelon interfacing to the back (cut that a scant 2 and 7/8") 
Cut the purple fabric 3" wide and pressed 1/4" under each edge. Turned it and stitched it over the scrappy strips with my topstitching foot. 

Anything to use up the ever growing pile of scraps!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mini hex progress

Having a tough time with hay fever this week. So yesterday was a day of mostly sitting and watching netflix and working on this. Made lots of progress, have established the width, and just need to keep adding rows at the top and bottom til it's done.

Obligatory deer in the woods photo from yesterday. She let us follow her quite a ways along the lower riverfront trail.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Daily Doily continues

Right now, I have two friends who are self-teaching tatting. I provide tips when I can, although I consider myself a beginner. Over on facebook, one of them started joking about the dailydoily, so I started hashtagging my tatting photos with it.

Apparently, such a tag already exists on instagram. It seems to relate to artwork on paper doilies though. 

Here is my latest. I am loving the way the tatting looks with #10 Cebelia in a lovely creamy off white. This is the center ring of a new doily. I've started round two, and will post an update when the second ring is complete.

It's a rainy day, I've done enough writing on the commissioned business ebook I am working on, and it looks like there is a good opportunity for some stitching today.
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tatting Done

Not much sewing today, too many things to do.  But I finished a few tatting projects, wove the ends in, etc. The earrings are a bit large for me with my short hair, but I enjoyed making them. And the heart turned out pretty well for a beginner. Could have made the top two white chains more symmetric, but otherwise, I'm happy with it.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Because We All Need to See Some Beauty

Tragic weekend for America, but Sunday morning started out joyfully in our little corner of the USA. First fawn spotting of the year.  Too young to know to move away from us. Mom was getting nervous so we moved off after snapping these photos.

As far as quilting goes, I've just been making progress on a few random things.

These will be made into a schlep bag, hopefully this week.

These are leftover from another small quilt that isn't quite finished yet. Could be made into a pillow, I guess. Or, make a good old fashioned quillow, remember those?  Or go back into the orphan block bin to marinate. Can you guess what Bonnie Hunter pattern these are leftovers from?

Friday, June 10, 2016

A week in which much progress was made, but nothing got finished

With my hexie map in hand, I have made some good progress on that project. Photo will follow in another post.

Today I spent the day here.
Made lots of these:
started with 3.5" square foundation papers.

Also put inner borders on a long forgotten ufo--photo when the final border is done.

With the leftovers from that project, I made this:

and will make this.
Not sure what I will do with either of them though.

Decided that this looks better without the greenish blues. not sure what these want to be yet.
Also added three rows to the tumbler project, and pieced one more full row while doing everything else, as my leader and ender project.

All this progress makes me realize how other quilters are so productive. They actually spend the whole day quilting. I'm still getting used to being in charge of how I spend my whole day. 

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Hexagons: Time for a Plan

I have been muddling along on a small hexie project, but I decided I wanted to square it off and make a small wallhanging out of it. My last hexie project with the larger hexagons was something I let evolve. I am not too happy with the results, so I will put it aside for a while.

I think it needs more sky at the top, maybe? Any other ideas--please comment.  I have to get around the problem of not having any more of that light blue fabric that is in the upper left corner....maybe I can figure out a scrappy way out of my dilemma, because I bought it at a shop in western NJ on my road trip to visit my very last consulting client last year. I can't even remember the name of the shop...

I got this far on my little project. It looks like a happy little wreath. I will probably applique a bow on it, or....something....
I fired up that free design software, Quilt Assistant and planned out the rest of a design for a rectangular Christmas project, and now I can proceed with a plan in hand. I may sit in front of my big-screen monitor and catch some of Bonnie's QuiltCam while I baste a ton of small hexagons. Don't mind the funky colors in the light sections, it helps me mark off what I have pieced together into what I call my subassemblies. Once an engineer, always an engineer!

In conclusion, I have to admit that it's better to plan things out at some point. I am not enough of a free spirit creative type to just let these hexagon adventures happen in a totally liberated way.

And there is good news, a moment of peaceful behavior with two cats in the quiltorium this morning! Sharing the same window sill!  It looks like Clyde is moving in for a smooch on Bonnie.